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natsuruka's Journal

A Natsume Hyuuga x Ruka Nogi Community
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NatsuRuka ; A Natsume Hyuuga x Ruka Nogi Fan Community
I N T R O D U C T I O N ;

"I won't smile because Natsume won't smile. Whenever he's hurting, I don't want to be the only one of us who feels good."
- Ruka Nogi

Welcome! You have just stumbled upon natsuruka, a community dedicated to the romantic and/or platonic relationship of Natsume Hyuuga and Ruka Nogi from the anime/manga series, Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy). Are you a fan of this pairing? Well, here's the right place for you! Want to spread the NatsuRuka love? Then go ahead and join the community!

I'm pandarot, the founder and moderator of this community. Feel free to post your fanfics, fanarts, and anything else that is related to this pairing in here, given that you've read the following rules first.

R U L E S ;

Before you join/post, please read the following rules:

1. Respect each other. Stay polite at all times. Treat others the same way you want them to treat you, simple as that.
2. Introductory posts are allowed. Just don't go posting one-liner posts like 'Yay for Natsume/Ruka!' because we all know that already.
3. No spamming. This also pertains to posting twice/thrice in a row when you could just post them in one post.
4. No trolling/flaming. This community is made especially for the Natsume/Ruka pairing. Character/Other Pairing bashing will not be tolerated - if anyone was caught doing so, s/he will be automatically banned.
5. Use LJ-cut. Please save our flist. Spoilers, long entries, large pictures, and anything that is not worksafe should be placed behind an LJ-cut (or fake cut). Don't know how to make an LJ-cut? See here.
6. Stolen fanfics/fanarts are a big NO-NO. Don't own something you didn't make in the first place. If you appreciate a certain fic/art and you want us to see it, just post/share the link and give that person a credit. Same thing goes to original pictures without a proper credit from their scanner.
7. Throwing fanfic/fanart ideas are allowed. You have NatsuRuka ideas that you want to see written/drawn, or you simply cannot write them on your own? Post it here, and who knows? Someone might do them for you.
8. Semi-gen/Pre-slash fics/pics are okay. This community might focus on the romantic relationship of Natsume and Ruka, but platonic relationship is allowed, too.
9. Avoid using l33t/net speaks. Not all of us are fond of those, and they certainly bug a lot of people. Ditto on fics. Try to use spell-check/grammar-check before posting anything, thank you.
10. Use a header when you're posting a fanfic/fanart. Seriously, that'd save a lot of us. If you don't know what the header looks like, use the following:

In the subject box: [art/fic] Title of your fic/art (Pairing, Rating)
Title: The title of your fic/art
Author: yourusername
Rating: Specify if it's G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17
Pairing: Here you write the main pairing and side pairings of your fic/art. Take note: Natsume/Ruka is different from Ruka/Natsume. The first one means that Natsume is the seme or the dominant one in the relationship, whereas the latter means that Ruka's the one taking charge. Please keep that in mind and label your pairing carefully!
Warnings: Violence? Angst? Drama? Too much fluff? Spoilers? Whatever it is, please specify them here.
Summary: Of couse, the fic would mean nothing without an interesting summary, so write them here.
Notes: Also known as 'Author/Artist's Notes'. Things you want to say regarding your fic/art, place them here.

(the link of your fic/art here)

Did that answer everything? Feel free to post more questions here and I'll try my best to answer them all. Otherwise, hope you enjoy your stay! ^_^

C R E D I T S ;

Layout is originally made by reversescollide, and is edited a bit by pandarot. Community icon is made by darkenedsakura. The Natsume/Ruka colorbar is made by darkmaestrox. Thank you!

Natsume x Ruka: Unbreakable Bond