Thin Walled

Why, hello there *creepy grin*
okay, but no, seriously, haha hi!
you guys really have no clue how happy i was to find this haha. i thought i was alone in my yaoi ways *sobs* but it appears not ;p

anyways~ moving on haha.
i offer up a fanfic that i worked on for, like, an hour.
read, comment, enjoy ;D

Thin Walled
Author: blueicecreamxo
Pairing(s): Natsume x Ruka
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance; Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own(:
Summary: AU. Ruka knew that it would be a bad idea to let his lover stay with him for spring break– especially when his mother had no clue that they were dating. But the problem of coming out was apparently already taken care of, all thanks to some very thin walls. Oh the embarrassment of it all.

Although he had been called as much by practically everyone around him, that, and the word ‘adorable’, just made him want to cringe. He wasn’t a girl! He was a man!
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New blood!

Hello all! I'm commonly known as 'cultivateyourhunger' on ff.net, where my most well-known fic is probably 'some things never change' which featured a heavily (awesome) yaoi chapter not too long ago.

The long and short of it is is I have a big thing for Natsume/Ruka, and finding a community devoted to such wonderful yaoi is a blessing :P

Here's a newbies gift, something I just knocked out now on a whim :D 


Title: The bad joke
Author: ME! Aka ff.net's CultivateYourHunger
Rating: This is the mostly-safe-for-work-version, I'm working on a NSFW ending now. Shouen-ai, Moderate.
Summary: Ruka Nogi is officially the biggest lightweight in all of Alice Academy.

Collapse )
Like? It was done in about half an hour, so if you spot mistakes give me a holler.

Anyway :D Hope to see more NatsuRuka (because that's the only way I could imagine it happening) fans come to the dark side XD
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[fic] Confusion (Natsume x Ruka, G)

Hello ^^ New member here. And my gift to you guys is this attempt at a fanfic.

Title: Confusion
Author: meicdon13
Rating: G
Pairing: Natsume x Ruka
Warnings: Umm...attempt at angst XD
Summary: Natsume wondered why he even thought that maybe Sakura could even replace what he was feeling for Ruka.
Notes: The only eps I've seen of Gakuen Alice was the school fair arc. So...yeah XD My apologies for the possibly inaccurate characterizations.

Oooh... Stripey...

[FIC] A Rather Safer Alternative (Natsume x Luca, G)

I've been meaning to post something in here for quite sometime now... And since I've finally posted a fic in such a long time... Why not? :)

Title: A Rather Safer Alternative
Authoress: card_mistress
Series: Gakuen Alice
Theme: 083. Black Tea
Pairing: Natsume x Luca
Rating: G
Warning: Very mild shounen-ai
Note: This drabble is a sequel to Black and Distinct.

( A Rather Safer Alternative )

Below are some of my older Natsume x Luca fics :)

Title: Black and Distinct
Authoress: card_mistress
Series: Gakuen Alice
Theme: 044. Coffee
Pairing: Natsume x Luca
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild shounen-ai

( Black and Distinct )

Title: Confrontation
Authoress: card_mistress
Series: Gakuen Alice
Pairing: Natsume x Luca
Rating: G
Warning: Very mild shounen-ai
Summary: Natsume goes for the first move.

( Confrontation )

Comments and constructive criticism are, of course, very welcomed~

I know this isn't much but I hope some of you out there will share or at least start writing about this loverly pair. :D
[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[art] 'Only When I Sleep' (Natsume x Ruka, G)

*takes a deep breath* All right. I finished another giftart, and I come bearing another NatsuRuka fanart for everyone. This one is dedicated to my Ate bathala, who is so kind to even send me her copy of Gakuen Alice episodes. <33 Words (and this drawing) can't express how much I appreciate that! Hope you'll like it. =3 *points an accusing finger towards darkmaestrox and kyoy* This is all your fault! XD;;

( It's only when you sleep... )

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